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A beginner's guide to computer programming

A beginner's guide to computer programming
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This book introduces the reader to the world of computer programming. We recommend it to all those who want to learn in this area and would like to acquire skills in creating programs beyond their simple use. The book is not based on the presentation of a single programming language. Programming is discussed as far as possible independently of the programming languages. However, the use of a modern visual development system is assumed. In accordance with this, objects and object-oriented discussion will be in focus. The learning of programming may not fully disregard a specific programming language. If necessary, the Visual Basic is provided, but the specific references to the language are isolated from the rest of the text. The free development system of Visual Basic programs, the Visual Studio Express for Windows Desktop, is available for download from the Microsoft Visual Studio website.

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    A beginner's guide to computer programming
    Juhász Tibor - Kiss Zsolt
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