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Biochemistry Practicals

Biochemistry Practicals
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Biochemistry is very important to the students of science and other disciplines as well. It is essential to know the concepts of biochemistry, which helps to understand living organisms. As all life on the planet made up of biomolecules and depends on biochemical reactions. All biochemical reactions in living systems take place at a certain pH. To study all in vitro studies of biochemical reactions, a buffer, which is a chemical mixture that causes a solution to resist change in pH is usually added. The end result of biochemical reactions ultimately depend on the buffering capacity of the buffer. Measurement of pH (i.e. pH strips and pH meters) and preparation of buffer is very important for the students of biochemistry. All most all biomolecules are detected and quantified in a reliable and reproducible manner by means of spectrophotometer and calorimeter. All quantitative and qualitative analysis of biomolecules and extraction techniques of different compounds have been described clearly in this book.

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    Biochemistry Practicals
    Anikó Görbe - Margit Keresztes - János Márki-Zay
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